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Friday, October 29, 2010

Inspired by the marvelous Jane Cartwright to start my own blog...

Now the last thing I need is one more thing I don't need.  So what did I do?  I set up this blog...  Now I have another thing to not do while I worry that I might be doing it.

But, last week I found time to take a day off and go ride the Virginia Creeper Trail with my friend and mentor Marilynn.  Here are some inspirations for colors and surface treatments dedicated to my fellow artists!

 The lichens of course fascinated me - I'm a freak for little surprises in nature...

If you've never done this trail, (it's closed till spring) you should plan now to go!  It's downhill all the way which makes it perfect exercise.

And here's Marilynn photographing.  We rode about 20 ft before we had to stop for pictures.


  1. Oh! this is most excellent!!! I'm so glad that you found something that you don't need to do 'cause this is so cool. AND now I can say... hey, teach me how to add a slide show... and mix up the layout... and....

  2. Thanks for the welcome to blog-land! What will become of us when we only communicate on line? How's about meeting up for dinner some evening? Let's go wild and talk in person!

    I'll "teach" you how I stumble upon things in a totally random fashion any time.

  3. Wow.............I've never been a "blog star" before. How cool is that. Since my inner artist is only now beginning to surface, I don't have any contributions to boast.........well, I don't even know how to post them to be truthful. Your inner "nurd" will need to mentor me on some computer skills so that I can. I agree............the trail was AWESOME. Narilynn